Workshop: “Telehealth in delivering supportive care to AYA with cancer”

Ahead of the 4th Global Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Congress, a series of digital workshops are coming soon. One of the areas we want to work together to learn about, is using telehealth to support young people with cancer.

The workshop aims to share and understand:

  • Data and clinical and organisational experiences
  • Place of telehealth (T-H) going forward

The goal of the workshop is to generate:

  • A framework for implementing and evaluating tele-health services for AYA.
  • A best practice guidance document for integrated/hybrid care as the ultimate end product.

The workshops will be offered at two separate times to attract a wider global audience:

  • UK TIME: November 17th 15:00-18:30 - BOOK NOW
  • SYDNEY TIME: November 24th 14:00-17:30 - BOOK NOW

Each workshop will be recorded, and the findings synthesized to generate a webinar that would be shared with participants at a later date.

How you can get involved

  • We are seeking representation from service users, nurses, social workers, oncologists, psychologists, care coordinators, peer support providers, NGOs, to join the workshop as discussants, to contribute on aspects such as
  • what is good practice in T-H in this setting?
  • how T-H might change the nature of AYA peer-group support? and
  • how T-H might be evaluated in this setting?

Selection of delegates may be necessary

Registrations for the workshops will open shortly, but if you are interested in taking part or have any questions, please email Daniel Stark at

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